Ravee’s Music House offers Music classes for the following, Guitar , Keyboard ,Piano, Violin and Drums, Trumpet, Saxophone & Indian Classical items like Miruthangam, Tabla, Violin, Flute, Veena & Carnatic Vocal etc..

We also undertake the Grade Level Exams conducted by Trinity College of London.On Successful completion of the grade level exam, the students will obtain a genuine certificate from Trinity College,London. Most of the Musicians in Film industry have been certified by Trinity College, London.

Keyboard & Piano

The keyboard & Piano is a very versatile Instruments to Learn.It may be the best known and loved of all musical instruments. Keyboard Playing is improve Creativity to the childrens.

We offers keyboard classes to all age groups starting from the basic levels to Advanced levels. We will be covering Theory Music, practicals of Music, Notation and etc..

We will be teaching you in such a way so as to prepare you for the International music grade exams held by Trinity College, London. At the end of the course the students will obtain a genuine certificate from Trinity College,London.

String Instruments

The Guitar is a Musical Instrument classified as a fretted string instrument with anywhere from four to 18 strings, usually having six. Guitar playing has benefits like improved hand eye coordination, memory and other motor skills.

We offers guitar lessons from the beginner level up to an advanced level.Learn how to play guitar in an institute that takes care of all your musical needs.

We Trainned Electric guitar, Bass guitar, Classical guitar, Flamenco guitar, Plucked string instrument.

The Violin is a wooden string instrument in the violin family. It is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the family. The violin typically has four strings tuned in perfect fifths, and is most commonly played by drawing a bow across its strings, though it can also be played by plucking the strings. Although the construction of the violin is the same in Indian and Western music, the tuning, playing posture, and techniques are quite different.

We focus step by step approach on how to learn violin is handled by a well-qualified teacher with many years of experience.

Percussion Instruments

Drums is among the preferred instruments that people like to learn. It is an integral part of any band where the artist at the drum kit is admired for his energy, style and aggressiveness.

We offers a fun filled learning experience on how to play drums through its expert teachers, and a great learning.. The class will involve drum technique, performance building and handling of the drum kit. We believe that theory is as important as practical handling of the instrument and theory of music will be included in the course.

The tabla is a Instrument which is often used in Hindustani classical music. The main drum is called a tabla or dayan and is played with the dominant hand. Its shell is cylindrical and made out of wood, and its tight skin produces a distinct pitch when struck. The larger, low pitched drum, called bayan, has a bowl-shaped metal shell. Its membrane is looser than that of the tabla, enabling the player to manipulate the drum’s pitch with his or her hand in performance.

We offers Tabla courses, starting from the Basic syllabus. We will be covering the theory (Matra, Taal, Sum, Taali, Khaali, Vibhaag, Avartan and practicals to help you understand the instrument better and start playing it in a correct manner.

Carnatic and Hindustani Vocal

Carnatic vocal is a system of music commonly associated with the southern india. Carnatic and Hindustani is the base to start the Indian classical music. Carnatic vocal start in the form of Shruti, Swara, Raga & Tala system. These are the important elements of the Carnatic vocal. It activities more positive energy within the body.

We encourages its vocal students to learn theory, to mainly improve their sight-reading. The vocal training curriculum is quite intense, combining classroom experiences with performance opportunities at every level, and challenge the students to become mature artists, capable of making their own impression in music.


Electronic Keyboard, Piano, Drums, Guitar, Theory of Music, Violin, Saxophone, Clarinet & Trumpet, Bamboo Flute, Mridangam, Tabla, Veena, Vocals like Carnatic, Hindustani, Western Music Classes.